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  1. aarti.sharma1826

    Toyota Verso-S

    Ya really, It's large, spacious and smart.... The exterior styling is characterised by short front and rear overhangs, sweeping coachwork lines and a (optional) large, panoramic sunroof. I liked it very much.... Thanks Toyota for sharing this discussion!!! http://www.rnftechnologies.com/ http://www.tradinginbinaryoptions.com/ http://www.mdadmit.com/
  2. aarti.sharma1826

    Toyota ostaje broj 1!

    Want to share some information about Toyota: Toyota sold 8.42 million vehicles globally in 2010, remaining the world’s top auto maker for the third straight year despite recall woes in the key North American market. General Motors also released a new tally yesterday for its global 2010 sales, at 8.39 million vehicles, slightly fewer than Toyota’s number, but a dramatic 12 percent rebound from 7.48 million vehicles the year before. Toyota Motor Corp dethroned GM as the world’s No. 1 auto maker in worldwide vehicle sales in 2008 – a position GM held for nearly eight decades. Since then, GM was bailed out by the US government and underwent restructuring after a brief period in bankruptcy protection. http://www.tradinginbinaryoptions.com/ http://www.learningtimenow.com/
  3. aarti.sharma1826

    Toyota Corolla 2010

    Thanks for sharing this... It's a superb model. Tell more about this?? http://www.learningtimenow.com/ http://www.tradinginbinaryoptions.com/