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Resetovanje ECU-a

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Open the bonnet and locate the diagnosis terminal behind the strut tower:


Open the cap. The diagram inside shows which connector is what. Connect E1 and TE1 with the piece of wire:


Turn the ignition key to 'ON' but do not start the engine. The stored ECU error code will be shown by the blinking pattern of the Check engine light

If the CEL blinks in a continuous pattern (0.25 sec. on, 0.25 sec. off, 0.25 sec. on, etc.) there are no error codes. If there is a code, the intervals change. If there are multiple codes, indication begins with the lowest number and continues to the highest code:




Remove the wire from the diagnosis terminal and put the cap back on.


Besides code 51 and 53, all error codes are stored by the ECU until it is reset. After the problem is solved/repaired, there are two ways of resetting the ECU. Make sure the ignition key is turned to 'OFF'.


1) Pull the EFI fuse (15A) for 30 sec.

2) Disconnect the negative terminal of the battery (keep in mind radio and clock will also be reset)


Check if the ECU is reset successfully with another check. If there are no error codes, the CEL should go out after starting the car. A rough idle after the first start is normal when resetting the ECU by pulling the EFI fuse. During the first drive this will be sorted by the ECU.


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Da li ovo vazi za resetovanje svih ECU na Toyotinim vozilima?


I da li moze ponovo da se okace slike posto sam osigurace nasao ali ne znam gde trebam zicu da stavim kako bih video koji kod izlazi?  :(

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Najlakse je skinuti klemu sa akumulatora naprimer preko noci...ako je salna greska ponovice je,ako je nesto od ranije obrisace je...samo posle trebas opet radio i sat da podesis

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