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New Toyota AE86 -now called FT-86 debuts

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Vec su stigli japanski tuneri da je malo i srede... :D :D :D



Izgleda da je to ista prerada kao na reklami za Grand Turismo sto se pojavljuje... :D :D :D


Ma koliko god bila njena cena imacu je... Obecao sam sebi... :D :D :D


Usput da pitam jel ide (dolazi) neko na sajam?

Dolazim ja... :D



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Sviđa mi se ova tunirana verzija, ali one fabričke felge su nešto najbolje što sam ikada vidio i ne bih ih nikada skidao, mada i ove nisu loše.

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ma jel ovaj enterijer NAJDOBAR ili sta!!!  koje ludio i apstrakcija stvarno predrkano

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Celica out of the ashes




It's no secret that Toyota works with Subaru on the development of a new sports car. Here it is on the test.

Our spy photographers have secured images of a sporting and an even sportier version of the upcoming Toyota model with rear-wheel drive.

FT-86 is known as Toyota have used when they unveiled this concept car at shows. There are strong indications that they will use the well-established Celica name when for the first time since 2006 once again introduces a sporty coupe.

There are few details that are leaked about the car so far, but we know that it has a 2-liter boxer engine, developed by Subaru, about 200 horses. 6-speed manual transmission is standard, but those who can not bear to shift yourself, order it with 6-speed automatic transmission.

Now we can reveal for the first time that Toyota also has an even more vigorous version of the car under development. This is lowered and stiffened and fitted with a full-grown rear spoiler, which suggests that it also will get a more powerful engine, probably with at least 270 hp.

Another possibility is that the special edition developed for track racing, and that only the aerodynamics and chassis that separates it from the standard model.

Whether it be called Celica or something else, expected the sporty Toyota models on the market at the end of this year.

The page will have a U.S. relative with designation Scion, Toyota's youth brand, as well as the Subaru comes with a similar model.












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Love this Toyota FT-86 render!


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